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The garlic drying process

In the heart of our cooperative, a magical process transforms a simple bulb of garlic into a secret ingredient capable of elevating the flavor of…

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O.P. Sabina on La Repubblica

We share with you an article published in the newspaper “La Repubblica” that talks about us. The article titled “O.P. Sabina, Sustainability and Digitalization for…

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How we braid garlic by hand

The Magic of Hand-Braiding Garlic We at O.P. Sabina believe that garlic production is an art that requires attention to detail and dedication. A unique…

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How garlic is cleaned

We at O.P. Sabina are deeply committed to the production and processing of high-quality garlic. An essential part of this process is the cleaning of…

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Garlic around the world

Garlic is a beloved culinary ingredient used worldwide for its distinctive flavor and versatility in the kitchen. From country to country, garlic is used in…

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Garlic and pairings

Garlic has always been one of the staple ingredients in traditional cooking, appreciated for its intense flavor and its ability to enhance every dish with…

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O.P. Sabina on Trova Napoli

We are proud to be featured in the renowned guide “Trova Napoli“, a publication dedicated to discovering the places and excellences of the splendid Campania…

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Summer salad with our garlic

This time our friend Patrizia from the blog “In Cucina Con Patty” prepared a recipe to serve to our friends: Summer Salad with Turkey, Grilled…

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Garlic: a millennial story

Garlic, with its characteristic intense aroma and unique flavor, holds a special place in the cuisine of many cultures around the world. From a simple…

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