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O.P. Sabina Magazine

Tips, recipes, curiosities and much more about our products

The importance of sustainability

Organic farming is an increasingly popular choice for people looking for healthy and sustainable products. At O.P Sabina, we strongly believe that this is also…

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How to store garlic

How to store garlic? In Google it is a highly sought-after action and no doubt you too will have asked yourself frequently. First of all,…

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How we use garlic waste

Garlic is the most loved aromatic plant of the Mediterranean diet. Its pungent smell and characteristic flavor are the basis for many first courses but…

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What does poached garlic mean?

We often hear about the so-called “poached garlic”, but what exactly does this expression mean? What does it mean to make excellent dishes using a…

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The story of a family

Behind the genuine products of the Sabina brand, there is a story that is worth knowing closely. Today’s products, in fact, are born from a…

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Our organic garlic

Our Cooperative has decided, over time, to make very specific choices. Growing our garlic, organically, is the choice we continue to make, day after day.…

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