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Red sausage meatballs with our garlic

In the constantly evolving culinary world, our garlic has found a place of honor in a recipe published on Primo Chef, a renowned online magazine dedicated to cuisine. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the collaboration with Chef Matteo Pastore, a talented master chef at Ristorante Sapori in Benevento.

On this special occasion, Chef Matteo Pastore has created red sausage meatballs accompanied by a creamy asparagus sauce and seasoned with a delicious sauce prepared with our garlic. This combination of carefully selected ingredients, combined with the skill of Chef Matteo Pastore, has given life to a simply unforgettable dish.

The recipe in question has captivated the palates of cooking enthusiasts thanks to the skillful combination of fresh ingredients and the culinary expertise of Matteo Pastore. His ability to balance flavors and create harmony among the ingredients has made this preparation a true culinary triumph.

However, what has brought authenticity and distinctive character to this recipe has been our garlic. Thanks to its aromatic intensity and irresistible fragrance, our garlic has transformed a simple dish into an extraordinary gustatory experience. Its contribution has added a touch of liveliness and a hint of flavor that has made this dish truly unique.

We invite you to discover the complete recipe on Primo Chef and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of flavors that our garlic can offer. Experiment, create, and be amazed by the culinary power of this extraordinary ingredient. Whether it’s a subtle seasoning or an unmistakable protagonist, our garlic can transform your preparations into authentic culinary masterpieces.

Read the full recipe here

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