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Producers Organization Sabina

The story of a family and a dream

The OP Sabina Agricultural Cooperative Society was born with the aim of improving and enhancing the productions of its members, adapting them to market needs through the concentration of supply, reducing production costs and regulating prices. It also promotes the use of cultivation practices and production and waste management techniques that protect the environment and promote biodiversity.

The aggregation of various members allows to achieve the organizational and economic dimensions necessary to face the innovation and internationalization required by the global market.

For this purpose, the priorities are to ensure the adaptation of production to demand in terms of quality and quantity and to increase the commercial value of the products produced.

Our members are small and medium-sized local agricultural companies that adhere to our philosophy of sustainable agriculture.

Our mission is to invest in a healthy agriculture, attentive to the consumer, guaranteeing a quality product and combining respect for the environment with the needs for freshness and healthiness of products.

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