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Roman pinsa with guanciale – Mangiare con gusto

Italian cuisine is loved worldwide for its richness in authentic flavors and traditional recipes that bring an explosion of taste. Among these, the Roman-style “pinsa” stands out for its delightful combination of crispiness and softness, accompanied by high-quality ingredients that make every bite an unforgettable experience.

In an episode of the program “Mangiare con Gusto” aired onAlma TV(channel 65 on digital terrestrial), the pinsaiolo Diego Fazi presented his reinterpretation of the classic Roman-style “pinsa,” enriching it with guanciale and the unique and enveloping flavor of our garlic powder. During the preparation, pinsaiolo Diego Fazi enhanced the distinct aroma and irresistible taste of our garlic, giving it a prominent role in the creation of this culinary delight.

Our garlic powder, made from top-quality garlic, has been specially selected to enhance the authentic taste of the Roman-style “pinsa.” Its intense aroma and robust flavor perfectly complement the crispy guanciale, creating a harmonious blend of flavors for the most refined palates.

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