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How much raw garlic to eat per day

Organic garlic, between certification and quality

Our Organization of Sabina Producers is a leader in the production and marketing of garlic. This product, king of the Italian table, is considered as the voice and soul of the land of Irpinia and today enjoys prestigious certifications. The BIO garlic of our Sabina Producers Organization is not only good, but also good for you: here we discover all its beneficial and organoleptic qualities and the secrets of its unique and traditional, BIO and certified production.

OP Sabina’s BIO garlic

Our BIO garlic has an incomparable scent, very intense and very rich in essential oils. Its size is medium and it has a white color with pinkish veins, decidedly typical and unmistakable. This BIO garlic is used in the kitchen both for the preparation of typical poor dishes, but also for gourmet proposals by the great local and non-local chefs. It can be appreciated raw or cooked, it is the prince of many preserves and compotes and also has remarkable beneficial properties.

The certifications of the garlic of the Sabina Producers Organization

To produce the typical BIO garlic, our Sabina Agricultural Organization adopts the dictates of the most modern organic cultivation and production every day and, we are proud of it, we also reduce the impact on the environment by avoiding use of chemicals. Our garlic is the fruit of the earth and as such it is respected and produced as it once was, but also with all the most useful devices of our technology and contemporaneity. Ours is a certified quality and the certifications obtained over the years prove it. among these we mention the BIO denomination, the GLOBAL GAP and the IFS Food.

The infinite qualities and benefits of garlic

The garlic we produce is a real panacea because it has always been considered a natural stimulant of blood circulation, an antioxidant, antiseptic and an antibacterial known and used since ancient times. Furthermore, garlic, consumed even on modest qualities together with traditional foods, strengthens the immune defenses because it is rich in vitamins of group A, B and C, potassium and phosphorus and the presence of pure proteins is discreet. Garlic is eaten fresh, cooked, or dried, here you can find any form of garlic to give that extra something to your dishes and to fill up on vitality and health.

How much raw garlic to eat per day

But how much raw garlic to eat per day? On the web and not only, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic, above all because taking raw garlic does not completely lose its beneficial and organoleptic qualities. According to our specialized staff, BIO garlic is undoubtedly the richest in vitamins and good trace elements, it should be taken on an empty stomach, preferably raw, and 4 grams a day is enough. Even the dried version is excellent for strengthening the immune system and has the advantage of being able to add it to any culinary preparation, to sauces and yoghurts, sandwiches, toast, the most diverse specialties, even sweet or sweet and sour jams.

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