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How garlic is cleaned

We at O.P. Sabina are deeply committed to the production and processing of high-quality garlic. An essential part of this process is the cleaning of the garlic. In this article, you will discover more information about the meticulous cleaning process we employ to ensure that every garlic clove reaches your table fresh, healthy, and ready to delight you.

Cleaning Garlic: The Steps

1. Careful Selection

It all begins with the careful selection of garlic heads. We meticulously choose the most mature and high-quality heads. This initial step is crucial to ensure that our garlic retains all its aromatic properties.

2. Removal of the Outer Layer

Once the garlic heads are selected, we proceed with the removal of the outer layer. This layer can be dry or thickly covered in soil residues. Through a delicate process, we manually remove this outer layer, revealing the freshness and cleanliness of the garlic underneath.

3. Accurate Quality Control

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every stage of the process. After removing the outer layer, we conduct a rigorous visual inspection to ensure that each clove is free from defects, bruises, or impurities. This ensures that only perfect garlic proceeds to the next process.

4. Cold-Water Cleaning

The garlic is then gently immersed in cold water. This step is essential to remove any soil residues or other unwanted particles. We use only clean and fresh water to ensure that the garlic maintains its natural quality.

5. Natural Drying

After cleaning, we allow the garlic to naturally air-dry. This prevents any moisture buildup, which could affect the quality and shelf life of the garlic. We wait until each clove is completely dry before proceeding with packaging or other processing.
The cleaning of garlic is an essential part of our commitment to providing you with high-quality products. Every step, from selection to packaging, is undertaken with care and dedication. When you receive our garlic, you can be confident that it has undergone a thorough cleaning process to ensure the utmost flavor and freshness.

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