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Poached garlic, what it is and how to use it

From the unmistakable aroma to the decisive and delicate flavour at the same time: garlic is an essential ingredient for everyday cooking. Yet many people prefer to avoid it precisely because they find the taste very intense or too little digestible. However, there are simple solutions to introduce garlic into your daily diet and enjoy its many health benefits. In this regard, within this study, we will discover the meaning of poached garlic, as well as its main synonym. In addition, we will see why this preparation is so widespread in our kitchen and how to make it.

What is poached garlic?

For all those who came across this expression and ended up wondering what polished garlic means, the explanation is soon given.Poached garlic is a clove that is not deprived of the thin outer peel. To prepare it, all you need is a cutting board and a knife. Remove the outermost part from the garlic head after a small cut has been made on the top. At this point, only one segment can be extracted to be placed on the cutting board. Even if it is not necessary, very often the garlic is crushed with the help of the wide part of a knife, so that it still releases its aromas even if not preponderantly.

Why should you use garlic in your kitchen?

This particular way of using garlic is very common, especially in Mediterranean dishes, but by great chefs. Also known as garlic dressing, this flavour allows you to get a more delicate taste avoiding the intense aroma that prevails over the other ingredients. This preparation neutralises and smooths the most pungent hints of garlic, making the recipes tasty but delicate. One of the advantages not to be overlooked in deciding whether to use the poached garlic is found in the fact that the ingredient that is not deprived in the skin before cooking can withstand the high temperatures for much longer without burning. This is essential in the kitchen for preparations that involve prolonged cooking. According to many nutrition experts, poached garlic is very digestible, especially for everyone who generally have problems with the dishes based on this delicious but at the same time intense ingredient.

How important is it to choose organic garlic?

To be sure to use truly safe products, it is essential to rely on sustainably grown raw materials. Therefore, when cooking dishes that include poached garlic, it is better to focus on good quality garlic and preferably grown according to organic farming regimes. This allows those who use it to have the certainty of using safe and high-quality garlic also concerning delicate skin, which has not absorbed pesticides or other harmful elements.

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