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What does poached garlic mean?

We often hear about the so-called “poached garlic”, but what exactly does this expression mean? What does it mean to make excellent dishes using a good and tasty ingredient like that of poached garlic?

Here is everything you need to know about using poached garlic directly in the kitchen, what its benefits are and how to best use it.

So what is meant by poached garlic?

Therefore, as anticipated when we talk about poached garlic we essentially refer to a method of use of garlic, which therefore involves cooking this whole food, without depriving it of the outer skin. For this reason, it is clear that preparing poached garlic to flavor a dish is an absolutely simple operation to do.

Meaning and use of unpeeled garlic in the kitchen

When you hear about unpeeled garlic, to all intents and purposes we take into consideration the type of “dress” that covers the garlic. In this case, when the recipes call for the use of poached garlic, it means that they need a less strong flavor. In this regard, therefore, it is not uncommon to find chefs who use the method of poached garlic with the aim of neutralizing the intensity both in terms of taste and aroma, typical of a product such as the garlic. In fact, through the so-called poached garlic it is possible to flavor the ingredients and products that are being used for the preparation of a specific recipe in which it is necessary to ensure that the flavor of garlic does not prevail over the others. For this reason, the use of poached garlic in the kitchens of restaurants but also at home, is recommended especially when you intend to prepare dishes with a more delicate flavor, without overly strong tastes. In fact, it is not surprising to know that poached garlic has now become not only one of the most frequently used ingredients in the Mediterranean diet, but over the years it has also become a way of flavoring the most delicate dishes, also used by chefs and professionals of Worldwide.

How do you prepare poached garlic?

If you have made the decision to prepare a dish by flavoring it through the use of unpeeled garlic, just follow a few simple steps that will only take a few minutes of your time. In this regard, all you need to prepare poached garlic is definitely a knife and a cutting board. In this sense, it will be necessary to take the head of the garlic and remove the outer skin, after making a small cut on the top of the garlic. At this point it is time to extract a clove of garlic and place it on the cutting board, then applying light pressure. The moment you hear a slight crunch, it means that the poached garlic is ready. This ingredient can be used as a sauté, letting it cook with a little olive oil, or in any other recipe, where you need an ingredients capable of flavoring the products in a more delicate way.

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