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Shelled Garlic

Garlic is one of the most used ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. Its characteristic pungent flavour can transform even the simplest recipes into sensational dishes, able to conquer even the most demanding palates.

Our shelled garlic: the various types

To meet the different needs, we have collected in our online shop different types of shelled white garlic: not only the cleaned and packaged garlic clove but also functional alternatives, such as dehydrated garlic. Thanks to its consistency, dehydrated garlic allows the creation of sauces, soups and recipes on the fly while preserving all the aromas of fresh white garlic. Dehydrated garlic is available both in the version of garlic powder and in that of garlic granules, both widely used in both international and Italian kitchens. There is also dehydrated garlic flakes, Mediterranean excellence, ideal for making tasty fry-ups or as a base to rich meat sauces. Finally, there is the garlic in its skin which, thanks to its particular production process, maintains all the organoleptic properties of the fresh garlic clove, despite allowing a longer shelf life.

Shelled garlic for sale online

All O.P. Sabina products are GLOBAL G.A.P. and IFS Food certified. In addition, all products are sold in conventional and organic versions. From the product sheet, you can choose the type of product to buy. Garlic is a fundamental ingredient in the pantry, so our shop offers a wide range of garlic for sale online. Our garlic is 100% Made in Italy.