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Dehydrated garlic powder

WEIGHT: 1 Kg ℮

On sale online, dehydrated garlic powder from the Producers Organisation of Sabina.

Dehydrated garlic powder are available in both organic and conventional versions, therefore not organic. The customer can choose which type of product to buy by selecting the product chosen under the item “Organic or Conventional”.

Shipping is free for orders starting from €49.00
For transparency: the product photo with the organic brand is related to the organic product. Selecting the conventional item automatically deletes the organic brand. By default, the product is sold in the organic version (with “organic” selected).

The price shown with the wording starting from is intended for the conventional product version.
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Certified product

IT-BIO 015

For selected products with organic option

GGN 4056186237996

IFS Food



One of the most commonly used alternatives to fresh garlic in the kitchen is definitely dehydrated garlic powder.
Ideal to give flavour to dishes, especially sauces and pasta dishes, but also delicious recipes based on meat and fish, dehydrated garlic is an ingredient that is wide and easy to use. Despite the dehydration process, it maintains its characteristic pungent flavour and its unique and unmistakable aroma.
The versatility of dehydrated garlic allows it to be used for the preparation of a garlic sauce and to flavour baked dishes without having to resort to fresh garlic. Much used in oriental cuisines, today also the Italian and Mediterranean culinary art make more and more use of the dehydrated version, as it represents a very fast and practical alternative to fresh garlic, without compromising its taste and authenticity.



Garlic powder, as well as raw garlic in cloves, retains its aromatic and beneficial properties even once dehydrated: rich in vitamins C and A, iron, calcium and mineral salts, this simple ingredient not only has the power to give a twist to our recipes but constitutes a real panacea.
In addition to regulating the intestine and keeping blood pressure within optimal levels, white garlic helps diuresis and counteract bad cholesterol. It stimulates kidney function, fights pathogenic microorganisms, and is often considered a natural antibiotic, as it helps prevent flu and seasonal ailments.



Our dehydrated garlic powder is GLOBAL G.A.P. and IFS Food certified. The customer can also decide to buy the certified ORGANIC product (you can choose to buy the conventional or organic product).
Through our virtual shop dedicated to the sale of garlic online, you can finally buy 100% Italian products and bring the excellence of our country to your table every day.
Express fast delivery and tracking function of the package, will allow you to monitor the status of your order and know in advance the time and date of delivery, in total safety and freedom.

Dehydrated garlic powder (Allium sativum) with a straw color, an intense and characteristic flavor and aroma.
Obtained exclusively by hot air drying, completely natural, and without the use of any additive.
Ideal for use in the restaurant and food industries for the preparation of preserves, cold cuts, baked goods. It has the same characteristics of the fresh product but can be stored at room temperature and has a much higher yield.


  • Energy: 705 Kj / 166 Kcal
  • Fats: 0,5 of which satured 0
  • Carbohydrate: 33g of which sugar 1
  • Fiber: 2,1g
  • Protein: 6,4g
  • Salt: 0,04g

Allergens: none

Shelf life: 24 months from the packaging date.

It can be stored at room temperature.


To complete the purchase process there is a minimum order of 19,00€ (VAT included). On all the Italian territory, islands and remote areas included, shipments are FREE for orders from 49.00 euros.. For orders of lower amount the cost of shipping is 6.90 €. National shipments are entrusted to the following couriers:

  • SDA
  • TNT
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • GLS

The choice is at the discretion of O.P. Sabina Soc. Coop. Agricola.

Delivery EXPRESS.

When the package is entrusted to the courier, the customer receives an email with the link to track the shipment. All shipments are trackable.


According to article n.52 of Legislative Decree 206/05, the Consumer can return the purchased products, without giving any reason and without penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the same by the carrier. The Customer who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal must send, within 14 (fourteen) days, an explicit declaration, a copy of the email received during the order and order number. To proceed send an e-mail to

O.P. Sabina Soc. Coop. Agricola will examine the refund procedure and will send the customer, within 3 days, the document to attach on the package (or on packages if multiple).

O.P. Sabina Soc. Coop. Agricola will book pick-up at the shipping address by the first working date. The Customer can communicate an alternative pick-up address and a pick-up date for the preferential goods. The package is carried out exclusively by courier made available by O.P. Sabina Soc. Coop. Agricultural for Euro 6.90. This cost is deducted from the amount returned. O.P. Sabina Soc. Coop. Agricola will reimburse the price of the returned product on the payment method chosen by the customer during the purchase. For credit card or Paypal payment, the Customer will receive the refund directly on the payment method used; on the contrary, in case of bank transfer or cash on delivery, the customer must provide the bank details (IBAN) necessary for the refund. The refund will be made after checking the condition of the returned goods. The goods must arrive intact (the packages must not show any damage, for example, to the labelling). From receipt of the goods, the refund is processed in 7 working days.


The Customer cannot return short-term food products. For example, the Customer cannot request a return for the Garlic Braid but can request a return for the Dehydrated garlic flakes.


If you have submitted us a problem that we have not been able to resolve, the online resolution service for consumer disputes is available. Find all the information at the following address.

Additional information

Organic or conventional

Conventional, Organic


1kg ℮

Shelf life

24 month from production date

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