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Garlic for storage

The expression garlic for storage means the classic version of garlic as we are used to know by tradition, arranged in braids or bunches. Garlic for storage provides for particular cultivation, without the use of irrigation, which creates a soil that is not very humid and unfavourable for the proliferation of batteries and diseases, thus ensuring longlasting conservation.

Garlic for storage: types

Among the best known types of garlic, we have garlic in bunches, a typical ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, whether it is the conventional version or organic garlic. The garlic in cloves allows you to preserve all the purest and deepest benefits that this plant provides to the body. A variant of garlic in bunches is represented by the garlic braid, often considered as a simple embellishment for a rustic cuisine, in reality a real excellence of the territory and of all the Italian culinary tradition. Garlic braid is a veritable explosion of scents and aromas of character, which give life to endless recipes, from the preparation of fried foods, sauces, to meat and fish seconds. Among the variants of garlic for storage, you can also find garlic in nets, a traditional three-headed pack of white garlic, ideal to keep in the pantry for tasty garlic, oil and chilli pepper spaghetti dishes or a healthy and genuine bruschetta with garlic, crushed tomato, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

Garlic for storage online

In our shop, you can find a section dedicated to the sale of garlic for storage online, and order garlic in nets, bunches or braids, in the desired quantities. All O.P. Sabina products are GLOBAL G.A.P. and IFS Food certified. In addition, all products are sold in the conventional and organic version. From the product sheet, you can choose the type of product to buy.